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Cookie Monster


Now a days everyone reads on almost every news website something about cookies. In short, these little critters follow you around and send data to the person who planted the cookies. It is harmless unless you find your privacy valuable, as you should.   An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie […]



In computing, Trojan horse, or Trojan, is any malicious computer program which is used to hack into a computer by misleading users of its true intent. The term is derived from the Ancient Greek story of the wooden horse that was used to help Greek troops invade the city of Troy by stealth. Sometimes we […]

The Introduction

Virus Trojan Spyware Signpost Shows Internet Or Computer Threats

Spyware is a software that aims to gather information about a person or organization without their knowledge and that may send such information to another entity without the consumer’s consent, or that asserts control over a computer without the consumer’s knowledge.   It is mostly classified into four types: system monitors, trojans, adware, and tracking […]