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APKApp2BackGroundDaemonProcessEngine removal

Spyware APKApp2BackGroundDaemonProcessEngine Information
Name: APKApp2BackGroundDaemonProcessEngine
Category: Utility
Date: 2002-02-04
Author: Peter Kowalski
Dangerous: Yes
APKApp2BackGroundDaemonProcessEngine is Utility which is malware.
Installing it is highly not recommended.
APKApp2BackGroundDaemonProcessEngine description by Peter Kowalski:
Vendor: ´To launch ANY application, invisibly, as almost as if it´s a background daemon process/service. This is good for folks that run servers that do not offer such an option for example. Runs on ALL forms of Win32 Os: 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP as well.´
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Manual APKApp2BackGroundDaemonProcessEngine removal:
Kill process apkapp2backgrounddaemonprocessengine.exe
Delete file apkapp2backgrounddaemonprocessengine.exe

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