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Perfect Keylogger removal

Spyware Perfect Keylogger Information
Name: Perfect Keylogger
Category: Keylogger
Date: 2005-06-22
Coded in: Visual C++
Dangerous: Yes
Perfect keylogger is software that logs keystrokes typed in by computer user. It can be used to log passwords or other secret information people do not want to reveal, like credit card codes. It works in the background and common desktop computer user will not be aware that his activity is being logged. As long as it´s just kids playing with this software it is ok, but it is really dangerous when it comes to adults who make purchases online or log-in into their bank portals. In summary, you don´t want to risk, get an anti-spyware scanner and check your computer for this nasty security threat.
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Perfect Keylogger Removal Instructions
Kill the following processes
bec.exe, bpk.exe, bpkr.exe, bpkun.exe, bpkvw.exe, dumbor.exe, dumbovw.exe, lview.exe, noname.exe, .exe, dumbo.exe, r.exe, un.exe, vw.exe, i_bpk2003.exe, rinst.exe
Unregister the following DLLs and reboot
bpkhk.dll, bpkwb.dll, bsdhooks.dll, dumbowb.dll.
dumbohk.dll, hk.dll, i.dll, wb.dll in Program Files\bpk\
Delete these registry entries
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{1e1b2879-88ff-11d3-8d96-d7acac95951a}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\perfect keylogger
Remove the following files
2004-02-26_11-52-00, bec.exe, bpk.bin, bpk.chm, bpk.dat, bpk.exe, bpk.exe-2bd9d89d.pf, bpkhk.dll, bpkr.exe, bpkun.exe, bpkvw.exe, bpkwb.dll, bsdhooks.dll, downloads.url, dumbor.exe, dumbovw.exe, dumbowb.dll, inst.bin, install.log, keylog.exe-064301d6.pf, license.txt, lview.exe, noname.exe, order.url, perfect keylogger 1.6.txt, perfect keylogger.txt, rinst.exe, setup.exe-05897527.pf, thumb_2004-02-26_11-52-00.
.exe, dumbo.exe, dumbohk.dll, hk.dll, i.dll, pk.bin, r.exe, un.exe, vw.exe, wb.dll in Program Files\bpk\
blazingtools perfect keylogger.lnk, more useful programs.lnk, order now!.lnk, perfect keylogger help.lnk, uninstall perfect keylogger.lnk in Program Files\Common Files\blazingtools perfect keylogger\
i_bpk2003.exe in Program Files\perfect keylogger 1.6\
Remove the following directories
Program Files\Common Files\blazingtools perfect keylogger
Program Files\bpk

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Visitor Comments on Perfect Keylogger
2007-05-09 05:55:41, nick:
I am downloading the "Delete Spyware automatically - Download Spyware Doctor"

Thank you alot for making this.
People that play the game runescape get heavily addicted and convince 12 year olds like my brother to accept stuff they shouldnt.

Thank you so much for this. :)

2007-06-29 04:57:44, Gabes:
I have no idea how i got this, I play runescape aswell and someone send me a link and I click on it, i didnt click on anything else i didnt know it was that easy to pick up a keylogger, hopefully this program will delete it for me
2007-07-19 19:46:12, Ryan:
Runescape FTW! As for me, I have a trojan, who put it on mine. Ty spywaredb, T Y !
2007-09-04 17:37:47, Guest:
Wow.. this program is amasing I was just downloading "Ares" and I just got a boot leg copy that is rigged with a key logger that messed up my computer gave me at least four-teen thousand viruses that made my computer do crazy wacked up things that I could not control, thank you this program has really cleaned up my computer.
2007-10-07 19:12:39, Guest:
will this mess up my computer like a bunch of other free virus protection stuff?

like system live protect?
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