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System 32 Trojan removal

Spyware System 32 Trojan Information
Name: System 32 Trojan
Category: RAT
Date: 2003-09-02
Dangerous: Yes
System 32 Trojan belongs to RAT spyware category.
It's presense means that your computer is infected with malicious software and is insecure.
This RAT is also known as:
destructive program - named by F-Prot.
ICQ-Rev - named by McAfee.
QJamer!Trojan - named by Computer Associates.
System 33 Trojan - named by o.
Trj/ICKiller.Rev - named by Panda.
Trojan.Win32.ICKiller.rev - named by a.
Trojan.Win32.ICKiller.Rev - named by Kaspersky.
W32/Kwbot.J.worm - named by Panda.
Win32.ICQRev - named by Computer Associates.
Win32.Tank.A - named by Computer Associates.
Win32/Tank!Worm - named by Computer Associates.
Worm.P2P.Tanked.11 - named by Kaspersky.

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System 32 Trojan Removal Instructions
Kill the following processes
server.exe, system32.exe, system33 trojan v1.1.exe
Remove the following files
server.exe, system32.exe, system33 trojan v1.1.exe, system33.txt, worm.p2p.tanked.11.

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Visitor Comments on System 32 Trojan
2008-04-28 03:47:58, Omar:
Umm Everybody i have this virus on my computer the name is system32/xxywwpqk.dll and when i google it nothing comes up can some one help me please.... here is my email add: oterrelonge@hotmail.com thanks
2009-04-06 06:37:14, Guest:
how to remove c:\windows\system32\docprop32.dll is it safe to delete it i have found the folder but it is related to windows but it is infected
2009-07-27 19:01:50, Guest:
how can i manually delete this docprop32.dll in my computer?
2010-05-12 23:04:46, Guest:
i have a trojan virus and my laptop won't even boot up. what are my options to removing this annoyance?
2011-11-17 15:25:47, Guest:
i have a trojan virus and my PC won't even boot up. what are my options to removing this annoyance?
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