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Spyware SystemDoctor2006 Information
Name: System Doctor
Category: Adware
Date: 2006-07-23
Author: SystemDoctor Inc.
Dangerous: Yes
System Doctor 2006 is an adware application. It infects your computer by trojan horses or by naming itself a free spyware removal tool and luring computer owners into installing it on their desktop machines. If you have installed SystemDoctor 2006 on your computer, it is advised to run a full spyware scan with anti-spyware software.
This Adware is also known as:
System Doctor 2006, SystemDoctor 2006

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System Doctor Removal Instructions
Kill the following processes
sd2006.exe, insthelp.exe, updater.exe, unins000.exe, activate.exe, systemdoctorfreesetup.exe

Unregister the following DLLs and reboot
order.dll in program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\

Delete these registry entries
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\systemdoctor 2006 free
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\systemdoctor 2006 free\tasksettings
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run systemdoctor 2006 free
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\systemdoctor 2006 free
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run systemdoctor 2006 free

Remove the following files
contact customer support.lnk, systemdoctor 2006 on the web.lnk, systemdoctor 2006.lnk, uninstall systemdoctor 2006.lnk in common programs\systemdoctor 2006 unregistered version\
systemdoctor 2006.lnk in desktop\
activate.dat, activate.exe, bnlink.dat, database.sav, hmlink.dat, insthelp.exe, lapv.dat, license.rtf, lock.dat, order.dll, pv.dat, reportlistfile.dat, sd2006.exe, sd2006url.url, sr.log, support.url, umain.xml, unins000.dat, unins000.exe, up.dat, updater.dat, updater.exe in program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\
update.log in userprofile\application data\systemdoctor 2006 free\logs\
systemdoctorfreesetup.exe in userprofile\local settings\temp\

Remove the following directories
program files\systemdoctor 2006 free
program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\download
program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\safemedia
profile\application data\systemdoctor 2006 free

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Visitor Comments on System Doctor
2006-11-03 06:47:01, Guest:
thanks a lot!
I needed this... my computer was infected with SpyDoctor 2006
thank you again
2006-11-23 11:06:27, Guest:
Hows can i get to delete these though? i am finding hard to find the files to delete them! for example: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid\{151a44b0-fc2d-4a02-bbbc-6b372f2f659c}
how to i find that? thanks
2006-12-09 07:53:45, Guest:
To enter the reg key area click on start>run and type regedit
- tamper at your own risk though, removing important files here can be disastrous.
2006-12-18 20:01:04, Mike:
Or you can find "Regedit" in your windows..
Just beware if you use it it will cause system error. if you mess around
2006-12-22 22:36:47, Guest:
It works?

2006-12-31 23:38:46, Guest:
system doctor has my computer keys locked up. any suggestions???
2007-01-10 00:15:39, Guest:
i know i have system doctor 2006, but i can't find anything above on my computer. none of the files, registry keys, directories or processes. maybe they've changed the info again.
2007-01-11 11:34:30, Guest:
how do i get to this area to start this process?

2007-01-27 00:16:14, Noel I.:
Is there an easier way of deleting these files? It's too technical for an ordinary user like me.
2007-01-28 01:31:21, Guest:
i also have system doctor and i cant even get onto ebay, system doctor takes over the web site!!
2007-02-03 13:03:49, Guest:
i want to get rid of SYSTEM DOCTOR!
2007-02-15 09:33:34, Guest:
hi, as someone said i also have system doctor but none of files above are on my pc.
I have been through many avenues to delete this one but no joy. Anyone got any suggestions?
2007-02-19 23:55:19, Guest:
Systems Doctor is an aggressive program that infects you computer with outside viruses and quite frankly should be confronted for ripping people off! I demand my money back!
2007-02-25 12:17:05, Dean:
SystemDoctor2006 is a malaware and is a real pain in the ass to remove I have removed it from several computer I suggest that if you can do a clean (full) install of your windows just remember when backing up your files be carefull not to grap any files or folders that you dont know what they are they could be part of the problem
2007-03-02 07:53:07, Guest:
Help help help help,, please someone tell me how to remove this in an easy way, the above is to comlex and plus my antivirus software has detected it but cant remove it, what do i do!!
2007-03-06 07:40:44, Guest:
I have demanded my money back, within the 30 day money back guarantee, but I am told that the merchant bank account through which my order was processed has been terminated so I cannot have a refund.They wont send me a cheque either.Can anybody help me?
2007-03-14 05:00:46, Guest:
i keep surfing on web and stuff, and it keeps popping up. How do it keep it from popping up? I haven't downloaded it. I know it's like malware. So what do I do to get rid of it?
2007-03-14 22:51:50, Guest:
How can they keep infecting people computers with this nonsense,I'm going to my lawyer and find these crooks.
2007-04-14 01:23:46, Guest:
I'm FED UP with these saboteurs! EVERY TIME I enter one of my favourite sites, I'm plagued with these bastards who don't know the anguish of us users!
2007-04-18 00:04:08, Guest1:
i ban all of their sites from IE browser
2007-04-18 00:11:07, LAMERZ:
Anyway... Check your registry (carefully!!!) by going to start menu, run, type: regedit, once it's open, you can search the whole computer at once by pressing ctrl + f, type in what you are looking for...
2007-05-09 19:13:40, Jenny:
You guys just saved my life - and my computer. I keep everything important on my laptop, and I'd just about given up. Thank you so much!
2007-05-15 03:18:02, Guest:
thanks very muck luckly i read this before i installed system doctor
2007-05-20 18:38:01, Guest:
hey can anybody help me i fell for their tricks and they scared me so stupid me i bought it for 39.95 can anyone give me any number or anything to make them give me my money back thanks
2007-05-22 10:26:51, Guest:
If I install an antivirus software, should I do this before or after deleting the above files? Please help!!!!!
2007-05-23 09:03:50, Linda:
If you delete the files above using "regedit" is this going to damage the computer?
2007-05-29 14:35:43, canalman:
2007-06-30 09:34:45, Guest:
Thanks for the heads up. I don't know why, put a page for systemdoctor 2006 popped up in Firefox. In a moment of cerebral flatulence, I decided this was something sanctioned by Microsoft (of course that it was "free" should have tipped me off).

anyway, I downloaded the installer (THANK GOD, neither FF nor IE7 (Vista) would let the program simply "run", but only saved it to the Desktop (FF) or the Temp file (IE7).
2007-06-23 10:54:47, Guest:
don't know what happened to the post I just wrote. It was put up before I was finished. It's for the person who wanted to know what to do to get their money back.

If you live in the US do the following (I don't know about the UK, Canada or other nations):

1.) File a dispute complaint with your credit/debit card provider. The bank will open an "investigation." If the scumbags fail to respond, you'll win by default and the bank will refund your cash. They'll then go after said scumbags (a legal process named "subrogation").

It doesn't matter if there's a "good" account. It's on the bank to collect the money. Odds are, another transaction involving these scumbags will come along and the bank will then grab those funds.

2.) Report these clowns to your state Attorney General's office. Also a consumer affairs dept--if they have one. (The Better Business Bureau as well; they are private and don't have enforcement power, but they keep files on companies like this and assist law enforcement.

3.) File reports with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the Dept of Justice.

4.) Send an email to this outfit threatening to file the complaints if they don't refund your money. A lot of times, they will. The last thing they want is an investigation screwing up their nice little scam. If you get your money, file the complaints anyway.

Naturally, if you're in another country, you'll have to do some research to find the analogous agencies in your country.
2007-07-08 23:42:07, Guest:
Thank you for this page. I decided to research this thing before installing it, and this page helped to save me what sounds like a big hassle!
2007-07-22 07:11:37, Fredy:
Thanks a bunch man this site really helps I had some bad experiance in the past with this kind of stuff,thank god I didn't install it
2007-07-25 04:52:49, Guest:
Help has any one used spyware doctor to get rid of this thing? I you have does it get rid of it properly? I cant find any on these registries for the life of me.

2007-07-25 05:31:39, Peter:
Spyware Doctor worked perfectly for me, it even found more spyware on my computer, not just System Doctor.
2007-08-04 05:05:04, pissed off:
I had a million pop ups, so I fell for system doctor and installed it. After installation and after rebooting I can't get anywhere on my computer. There is no browser, no icons, no program button, nothing. What can I do?
2007-08-17 01:04:17, Guest:
i got the system doctor on my computer and now it wont let me reboot or go into safe mode
2007-08-29 04:47:28, Guest:
I too was taken in by the system doctor. Being new at this I thought they were legit.Something should be done about them.
2007-09-07 13:37:59, Guest:
I'm constantly getting pop ups of WinAntiware, clean disk and System doctor, ive deleted all i can see and my other computer had this virus....could i have gotten it off there because of networking? please respond TY!
2008-02-25 17:23:25, Guest:
If all else fails, backup your most important files and just format your computer. Last resort.
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