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Name: ATDMT.com
Category: Cookie
Date: 2003-08-13
Dangerous: Yes
ATDMT is storing your personal information in a data mining cookie. The information includes (but is not limited to) your browsing habits, websites you visit, the pages on those websites you were interested in, ads you've clicked on etc. This trackware cookie is also capable of collecting your credit card and other sensitive information. It then sends you pop-up and pop-under advertisements related to the information it has.
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Visitor Comments on ATDMT.com
2007-08-05 14:45:36, Guest:
atdmt is an unethical spyware/malware company that caters to big businewss as they spy on Internet servers with the intend of collecting data to target. I suggest that all of you who read this message file complaints with the FTC. Yahoo and eBay, unfortunately use their services as my hardware firewall logs all their activity. I'm collecting data to use as evidence before I hand it over to the FTC and FCC. If is not illegal for them to do so than perhaps we should contact our congressman to pass a law to eliminate these people.
2007-08-14 16:48:44, Guest:
That is total BS , atdmt is a keyword from Microsofts Online Ad Serving business. They try to make online advertising better by not serving stinking popups and ads which are not relavant to the user. Targetting even though the word sound bad is to get show people relavant ads , whats the point of me seeing an ad of something which i am not in the least bit interested. I would much rather see something that i might buy
2007-11-21 02:31:10, FG:
Id rather not have anybody watching me surf the net without my permission . this is unmoral no different than breaking and entering a home .
2007-12-01 09:51:01, Guest:
I am here because I am researching on a number of addresses that keep crawling across the status bar of my IE browser when I am loging onto a website. Some those addresses have this atdmt. Others have ad.yieldmanager.

I came here with 2 theories already formed, and I was out to ascertain which of them is the readl deal. Incidentally the two arguments appear here, and the posters seem very certain about what they are saying: 1) atdmt is an unethical spyware/malware company

2) That is total BS, atdmt is a keyword from Microsofts Online Ad Serving business.

Whether there is truth in the 2 view, that this program is helpful, doesnt take away from the first view, because of the lack of disclosure. How do I know a program that I cannot find any any publisher's information on is harmless? Why would microsoft be quite about this program so long, when all over the net there are so many posts by concerned computer users? I am not buying the "bs theory". I think this program is unethical, and a waste of time and minds of the curious. Who knows what else it is taking away from us?
2007-12-07 14:58:34, Guest:
AtlasSolutions, makers of atdmt.com site, causes an infinite number of IE browsers to keep opening up. Even upon holding Alt-F4 to close everything, and even after the last browser window closes, the number of browser windows goes over 64! Then my machine hangs and crashes. Then I pull the plug. Uhhh, this sure isn't the #2 argument, screw these guys!
2007-12-29 11:59:04, Guest:
I do love when my firewall catches internet explorer trying to cross the net to connect to ADTMT now and then. That rotten lousy spyware never gives up. You remove it and Microsoft finds a way to ship it to you again. If you have a firewall, NEVER give ANYTHING server permission unless living without it shuts down your machine. This is expecially so with Internet Explorer. I don't need microsoft picking out ads for me. I dont' need ads at all. I know what I want and I go buy it. I don't need popups in my face ruining my internet experience.
2008-06-12 17:33:04, Guest:
It seems a lot of people are unnder the impression that Microsoft, Google and every other website on the internet are some kind of non-profits that produce web content to help their fellow man. Online Advetising is what makes them money and hence allows you to "freely" surf the web. You don't want web advertising, get ready to pay $20 a month for Google and every other major website you visit.
On a technical note, the atdmt cookie is part of Microsoft Advertising and is probably on half the websites on it internet. If you get rid of it, it will come back on the next site you visit. You really hate cookies that much, then both atdmt (Atlas Solutions) and DoubleClick has an "opt out" program that puts a "NULL" cookie on your machine that stops you getting the tracking cookie. Of course, you need to leave this on, as if you delete it, you would need to get it again to stop cookies.
2008-07-21 05:00:13, Guest:
Blizzard (World of Warcraft) also uses the atdmt.com link. Interesting that something so dangerous would be used by a company who sees exploitation of there own product on a regular basis.
2008-09-29 12:27:06, Guest:
If you want to stop getting it back just add the following entry to your C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file: atdmt.com
Similar entries for other spyware sites will stop them as well.
2009-01-02 09:19:09, Guest:
My problem is not that it monitors what I do but that it slows down my surf.
2009-01-31 22:56:59, Guest:
cookies that track etc should all be made illegal. If you went into a shop and the assistant slipped a video camera in your bag or pocket without you knowing and then retrieved it later or monitored it remotely to see what you had been doing there would be an outcry, justifiably. Rank these people among the scum of the earth with coldcallers, spammers and junkmail senders.
2009-02-04 17:05:20, Guest:
This info has been very helpful. Thank you for making me aware of what atdmt really means.
2009-02-23 22:23:51, Guest:
Often companies put temporary cookies on your computer to track where a customer came from. This is particularly true when the customer comes from another site to a merchant's site. The first site is called an affiliate publisher's site and these sites provide a great deal of information on all kinds of topics. Everyone of use and search for this information and without it the NET would be considerably less useful.

The affiliate publisher has an agreement with the merchant to build content rich sites giving information that is needed by customers. For example, if you want to buy a digital piano on the NET (and many sites can give you far cheaper prices with just as good service as brick and mortar stores), a "publisher" can tell you how to select a piano for your particular needs, what to look for, and what to look-out for. They can also tell you in detail which particular product will fulfill your particular needs and direct you to the right merchant.

All these temporary tracking cookies do is tell the merchant which publisher the purchasing customer came from in order that the merchant will credit a sale and a little commission to the publisher for his/her efforts which is considerable.

Hope this helps somewhat. The cookies may last anywhere from one day to a couple of months. most do not last more than that.

2009-03-14 11:11:07, Guest:
lol infact online advertising and sales is a bit like pyramid selling many people get a small bite, but only the producer of the goods makes money. All these wanna be online sharks out there flogging useless goods without warrante, no address, no phone number, what a damn joke.
2009-03-27 15:05:35, Guest:
Im so glad that I found this website,reason being is that I ran my spyware and found "atdmt" snooping.Then i started emailing them not think other people were on to them...my motivation is not one of bad intentions,but to stop company's like "atdmt" with all the intentions of getting the most info on unsuspecting people to be then use on us to extort the most out us. Please lets fight together
2009-04-03 17:15:10, Guest:
how do i get rid of it...it slows me down, wont let me open my email....help

2009-06-15 10:40:04, Guest:
ATDMT Google Search page keeps popping up on my computer. It does it so over and over. I can't look at my e mail. I can't look at Amazon. It pops up to the point I can't do anything but see it. Is it a virus?
2009-07-13 17:06:03, Guest:
the fact that i dont want this on my computer (even now knowing what it is) and the fact that it is forcing itself on me and has waisted over a week of my life is reason enough to call it a criminal activity .. cookies can be good but i should be the one to make that determination .. there should be a law that every cookie has to have enough info to tell me who it is and what they want .. there should always be an out if i dont want that feature .. i shouldnt have to spend nearly 75 hours so far trying to fix this .. this is like being raped over and over and having no protection under the law .. and the problem certainly is not the utility that is alerting me to this unwanted intrusion .. if this really is microsoft doing this then it should go down in history along side sonys root kit and bonny and clide ...
2009-09-28 06:19:26, Guest:
The problem with atdmt.com is that though you can remove it, you cannot block it permanently therefore removing the control from the computer user. This doesn't sound right to me as you should be able to choose which cookies you will allow.
2010-03-29 10:50:41, Guest:
Clean your darn system, use a browser that you can configure to stop scripts and cookies to be downloaded to your browser and do your homework. Some businesses are legit and contacting FTC will not help you at all...just lose time
2010-05-11 09:55:29, Guest:
Just so everyone understands, these cookies don't relay personal information back to the advertiser. They merely serve up relevant ads based on where you've been.
2010-06-23 13:39:22, GaryM:
A server called view.atdmt.com mysteriously appeared on my computer. This looks as if someone has gotten spyware on my system, whether it's atdmt.com or someone pretending to be them. Editing my hosts file so view.atdmt.com points to seems to have made that server go away. It should also stop any other points of attack that use that domain.

Surreptitiously installing a virtual server is certainly outside the realm of legitimate activity.
2010-07-17 16:39:15, Guest:
Just change the "Hosts" file for what ever operating system you use (winblows, Mac, or Linux) and add the line " StupidDomain.com" (without quotes) and you won't have to worry about it anymore. Any referral to what ever sites you enter are just referred back to your computer and go no where else.

I have mine with several, atdmt, doubleclick and several others that I don't want "watching" me surf and other that seeing a screen saving "Server not found" where the ad should be, it has never kept me from getting to a web site I use...

Good luck and quit bickering about who should be able to and shouldn't be able to "see" your browsing habits and stop them at your computer.

It my web, and I'll browse how I choose...
2010-11-17 18:19:10, Guest:
If Atlas have done a deal with Microsoft to sell my browsing history so they can better target advertising at me it is not the end of the world, however it is a liberty and It would have been nice to be asked. The fact that they do it in a underhanded sneaky way suggests to me that it is unethical. If not they would do it in plain sight not behind closed doors, and they would do it with my consent.
2010-12-22 12:17:43, Max:
Like stated above...
C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file: StupidDomain.com

In Windows XP:
On your browser go to tools / internet options - on the general tab, look for the "Browser history", (should make sure the "Delete browsing history on exit", is checked)
click on delete, another window will come up... uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data"... and make sure the rest under are checked, then click delete at the bottom, and those undelable cookies should be gone.

A lot of websites are using these tracking cookies and it is one of their big money making schemes, for those collecting data to use as evidence to hand over to the FTC and FCC, do you realy think they will actually do something about it??? Who knows maybe they're in the same boat with the others with the tracking cookies...

My 2 cents anyway.
2011-02-21 17:50:20, Guest:
How to deal with ADTMT.Com...
Open Internet Exployer
Click on Tools
Click on Internet Options
Click on Privacy
Click on Site
Enter ATDMT.Com in the web address field
Click the Block button
2011-03-31 23:47:14, Guest:
If you are having a problem with ADTMT creating a cookie when you run Windows Live products (i.e. Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail) it is because you have it "remember" your information.

If you want it to quit creating...
For windows live messenger: You must not let it "remember you"

For windows life mail: You must tell it to not automatically sign you in.

viola. cookies no longer created.
I looked, for a few hours, to find a solution. I didn't find one, only someone was playing with a virtual machine. I figured it out. I'm assuming the adtmt, is to track your conversations and emails... to gather back what ads to display to you.
2011-10-07 04:46:30, Guest:
I am using Safari and have had my accounts hacked twice in a week with a message rerouting me to this ADTMT. Any solutions for Mac users?
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