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Spyware Covenant Eyes Information
Name: Covenant Eyes
Category: surveillance utility
Dangerous: Yes
Covenant Eyes is one of surveillance utility spywares.
Finding it on your computer means that your computer is infected with surveillance utility and crucial data could be endangered or even lost.
Covenant Eyes description by publisher:
From the authors web site: "Covenant Eyes is excited to announce that it has patent pending status on voluntary watching of file-sharing, newsgroup, ftp, & other non-http internet protocols. A brand new version of the Covenant Eyes Application which supports detection of any fileharing & logging of newsgroups & ftp is entering the beta test phase. Final release is anticipated in the next few days."
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Visitor Comments on Covenant Eyes
2007-01-06 01:01:14, Dan:
I don't know who comes up with the ratings or decision if something is dangerous, but they seem to be completely missing the point here. CE is a subscription service that you must SIGN UP for and PAY monthly to use. It is absolutely surveillance software and that is what you WILLINGLY SIGN UP AND PAY FOR if you are a customer. You cannot accidentally install it or one day just 'find it' on your computer. It is accountability software that is used by the paying customer (who willingly signs up) to remove the temptation of looking at adult content. Perhaps if the site authors had read the website they could have made an intelligent report and realize that it is NOT dangerous software.
2007-03-12 23:14:12, Martin:
Covenant eyes is highly unethical and a legal liablility for a system admin. For one thing, you have to have their(covenant eyes) permission via a password to remove it. It's design is such that one employee is spying on another in order to force a "testimonial" or "witness" in order to be accountable. This is some sort of Baptist/Protestant practice that is extremely discriminitory towards those of us who are Catholic, Orthodox, or Non-Christian. Those of us who practice a confessional faith are not allowed to "testify" in such a manner and we could be excomminicated for doing so in this context.
This software has a high potential for abuse and system admins and desktop techs could be held civilly or possibly criminally liable for installing and supporting this software if an incident occurs.
2007-05-29 04:05:08, Matthew:
This site is not in anyway a reliable source for information on Covenant Eyes. CE is a program designed to bring accountability to a consenting user(s). CE monitors the user websites and emails an accountability partner the adult links that that user visits. For instance I use it on my computer because I am addicted to pornography. My accountability partner is my wife. If I visit any site with adult content my wife is notified in an email. I could see CE being abused by someone to secretly monitor someoneís internet activity, but there is a problem with this in that it only notifies adult content and there is an icon and a splash at load up notifying that this computer has CE. If you see this and are not consenting to the CE monitoring then, yes, uninstall it. But that is not the intention of CE.
2007-08-24 01:17:06, Darren:
The definition of spyware according to Wikipedia is 'computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent.' As this software is paid for and installed willingly by the user for his own benefit, I cannot see that anyone can technically call this spyware.
2007-08-30 08:37:51, Ron:
We had a kid show up at our help desk (university) who couldn't access our network. We found this covenant eyes software, which his parents forcibly installed on his machine, and which was screwing with his ability to use our network.. We disabled it, and the problem went away. Complete misuse of the software - he wasn't voluntarily using it, his parents were trying to enforce his actions while away from home..

2007-09-13 20:30:29, Guest:
Covenant Eyes can ONLY be installed by people who have willingly registered for the product. It prompts you to enter a username and password before it allows you to install. Also, CE doesn't "screw" with the use of a network. If the network is properly configured (and its amazing how many people are ignorant of how to do this) then it will work with no problems.
2007-10-04 18:03:15, Guest:
It is sad that someone must resort to words such as "forcibly installed on his machine"... most likely the PC was purchased by the parents who did not want it used for pornography, or their son becoming addicted to it while away from his parents and their best efforts at protecting him (while likely paying for his way thru college?). They probably advised him of what they were doing, as I did my son. I have the software not because I am addicted but because I cannot trust myself to endure against the temptation to view pornography. I highly recommend it.
2007-10-16 07:36:53, Guest:
This is self installed software to held people who are addicted to porn. Yip just like I was. It helps by you choosing someone you know, to receive a report off all the websites you have viewed for the week / month and highlights the porn sites. You pay for the service and it is for those who want help. OK so to all the confused folk above who think it is something it is not get your facts straight DOH!
2007-11-08 11:17:57, John:
I have questions not comments. What real,actual danger is there with this program? Does it endanger the personal information I have stored on my computer? Does it affect the way my computer will operated? Is it something I can't choose to remove at some point? If there is something dangerous about it, what is it.
2007-11-16 12:25:11, Daniel K:
I'm a helpdesk tech for a financial software company.. Covenant Eyes had to be removed as it interfered with the functioning of our product that runs on a SQL database.Any product that collects info and reports it back over the internet to a 3rd party is spyware--in this case "guiltware" or "shameware" is probably a better definition
2007-11-19 07:17:07, Daniel K:
any program running on the pc takes away ram & resources . The fewer background processes running the better for the pc. Some of you folks need to grow up. It's sad that someone must use the words "addicted to porn". Did it ever dawn on any of the more devout folks that looking at porn is n-o-r-m-a-l ? As far as the kids at school , or anyone else--all they have to do is download a "live" linux distribution that runs in ramdisk (puppy linux , knoppix, mandrake move etc) and windows , along with covenant eyes, is out of the picture until they reboot. Then it's like linux was never there.The only safeguard against that is a content filter on the ISP side
2007-11-19 08:47:27, Guest:
@Daniel K: You probably won't respond, but for what reasons do you believe pornography is normative for all humans? Is it because you find it enjoyable or because you feel no convictions towards it? Firstly not everything enjoyable is good. This is evident with any perversion (gluttony, sloth, envy, greed, etc). So using pornography as the example, sex is a good thing, but pornography is a perversion of the good. We all know or should know that perversions are wrong, to quote CS Lewis "You can do good for goodness sake, but you cannot do bad for badness sake; bad is a perversion of the good."
If reason does not sway your view then maybe observation of the environment. How many animals watch other animals have intercourse with one another for sexual pleasure? From my knowledge the count is only one, humans. To paint this picture with a deeper red consider this. How many animals receive sexual pleasure from watching another with inanimate objects, different species, or in sadistic and masochistic ways? Again it is only one, humans. If you grimace at any one of the above listed sexual perversions then you have condemned yourself. For even you recognize the perverse and abnormal ways of man.
Pornography is not normal or even slightly good. There is no excuse that you can derive that will prove good in it to yourself or another, but they will blind you to the good.
"There are false suns, easier to gaze upon and far more comforting than the true one." - Iris Murdoch
2007-11-22 22:18:40, Daniel K:
I will respond to that.. to a certain degree we are all judgemental--I'm reminded of an illustration of 2 people decked out in all kinds of wild bondage gear in a psychiatrists waiting room. One says to the other.." You wear panties on your head with the skid marks up FRONT??!! You're sick". The gist of this is that everyone has their taboos & limitations. It's perfectly natural to be curious & voyersitic and no one is going to hell for looking at images. The novelty of pornography wears thin and one realizes that there are other things to do on the internet . As far as obtaining some good..? I met my wife trading porn on IRC--her sister set us up on a blind date and we've been married 11 years now.
I think some of the people looking to install covenant eyes would be better served installing Personal Responsibility 2.0 , available at god_doesn't_exist_so_deal_with_reality.com
2007-11-24 16:54:55, Guest:
Is this program dangerous? Let's see , every place I go or what I type (like credit card numbers) is recorded and sent to other people...ummm gee , and how secure is this other person's computer? If THEY got hacked and some scammer gets my info it's too bad so sad. I like Daniel's suggestion of installing personal responsibility 2.0
2007-11-27 06:10:27, Guest:
Okay, I actually have CE on my computer, my manic deppressive, bi-polar step-dad instaled it. And for a MONTH after installing it, I could not get on to the internet, and no one knew why. Now my step-dad has used it to completely block the internet from me, which is awsome since I am a high school senior who is doing her college applications on-line! Also, thanks to this wonderful application, my step-dad has been reading my private e-mails between my sister and myself (and God knows who else). Excuse me, but I never asked for this application, and I don't need it. I am a 17 year old GIRL, I don't need a porn filter on my computer. I didn't ask for it and I don't want it. Don't I get a say in it, or is my opion as a girl completly unimportant as a woman in our household.
2007-11-27 07:12:34, Guest:
to the 17 year old girl above..go to a friends home that has internet & a cd rom burner.. download a copy of linux such as Knoppix , PClinuxOS , Mandrake Move or Puppy Linux. Burn the file to a cd to create a bootable linux disk. Set your computer up to boot from a cdrom. The linux disk will load linux temporarily into ram and will leave windows alone. CE will have no effect on the linux now running. The Linux OS has web browser , email client , word processor , printer support--anything you need to do. If you want to save anything you will need a usb drive to set as your /home folder . When you reboot & remove the cd there is no evidence that another OS was ever there--windows & CE are back as they were.
2007-11-30 02:01:17, Guest:
The point -- obviously lost on more than a few here-- is that CE is a completely OPTIONAL, legitimate program and NOT any type of rogue or trojan spyware.

Sure, CE, CAN be abused by unethical individuals, just like ANY legitimate program or application can. The POTENTIAL for abuse does not de- legitimize an otherwise legitimate program.

The whole issue of what people think about pornography is really an entirely separate one that does not belong here.

2007-11-30 07:22:20, Guest:
the point , obviously lost on at least one person here is that CE can cause program incompatibility where core applications cannot run that have nothing to do with porn. It's not rogue or trojan but it is SPYWARE none the less. If christian academies REQUIRE that you install it then it's not OPTIONAL now is it ?
2008-08-25 09:50:32, Guest:
I personally use the program and it performs the task that I needed. When it is all said and done, noone looks back at the end of life and says, "Man, wish I had looked at more porn or spent more wasted hours on my computer in chat rooms". Spiritual or not, we all were given a conscince and know what is right and what is wrong and all have the freedom to choose to do what is wrong. We do not have the freedom to choose the consequences of our choices. So when a man looks at porn, regardless of the excitement or allure, afterwards he feels diry, guilty and empty. It cannot satisfy, it cannot fulfill, it cannot help us achieve our purpose in life or our search for significance. I am at least man enough to; 1) state the facts and 2) admit I need encouragement and accountibility to do the right thing.
2008-09-17 22:43:52, Guest:
I can't even pull up an image of an american us flag for business purposes due to my wife having covenant eyes put on my PC. asny womans image that shows any skin is considered porno.... this a pretty sick program.
2008-12-27 19:30:43, Guest:
Covenant eyes' website makes it clear that the software does not monitor key strokes, only the urls and loaded images, so private information is safe. When used properly for its specifically designed purpose, it works well.

2009-01-01 06:42:38, John:
Covenant Eyes has been so helpful to me. The only ones who do not want it up are those who are enslaved to porn and the devil. Repent from adultery and sex outside of marriage or you will end up in the lake of fire. Turn to Jesus for salvation and he will enliven your spirit and cause you to hate the sin you once loved and love the righteousness you once hated. He can do it for you, and programs like covenant eyes can help in your battle against sin.
2009-01-15 10:04:07, Guest:
Look. I'm a Christian. But I think Covenant Eyes is unethical both in a civic sense and in a scriptural sense. Accountability is not spying and not automatically distrusting someone to do the wrong thing. If an individual wants to subject themselves to this kind of accountability, that's fine - their decision makes it true accountability. But organizations forcing it on workers, staff and missionaries, or parents forcing it on children - is wrong. And missing the idea of scriptural accountability entirely.
2009-01-21 12:59:58, Guest:
Spyware. Ha!!! I pay for my wife to receive a full report of anything that I see on the internet. Not only does it keep me from visiting trashy sites, it gives her the psychological benefit of knowing that I don't. That is not weird. What is weird is that someone would think that I am being "spied on" when I willingly use and pay for a program that sends information I want my wife to receive to her. I choose to give my wife certain information. That means I am being "spied upon." Come on, give me a break. You can't stretch the meaning of the word "spy" that far. Now you could stretch it and say that it is capable of being used by someone to spy on another person. I guess so. My binoculars could be used by a spy but don't take them away from me because someone else may misuse them. In these days of internet trash, I love what Covenant Eyes does for me. Don't slander it because you wouldn't like it.
2009-01-27 14:36:20, TMC:
To anyone who reads this: CE just isnít about porn, itís about keeping all your INTERNET choices (i.e. gambling, shopping etc.) out in the open where you can explain your actions (and not be afraid to do so instead of covering them up if nothing "wrong" has been done). Parents can misuse it just like government can misuse our tax dollars and the powers granted to them by the people. People are people and canít (usually) make good choices without proper training. (I donít have to teach a child to misbehave or be defiant) and too much of anything will kill you (like water)and if anyone knew & understood the people running the company and the standards they go by there wouldn't be any fear using the software. If anything stated above in older entries where true, they most likely wouldn't be able to stay in business instead of prospering.
2009-02-02 12:07:59, JDM:
I want to echo what's already been said...CE is not "spyware" in the sense people have something to worry about. As stated before, you can't "happen" upon it. There's intentionality at play here...and for crying out loud, you can't get it unless you pay for it. It's a service for crying out loud. The "ethics" of it shouldn't even be in dispute.

And to the "Christian" who who thinks this is unethical...then we can assume you think it's ok for people to look at what this would block? Parents "forcing" it on their children? Good night...do you even have children? Look for the log my friend...shouldn't be that hard to find. Scriptural accountability is relational accountability you have to want to have your accountability partners know what's going on but unfortunately, left to our own devices we keep secrets...CE is the catalyst to open you up.
2009-02-02 12:30:53, JDM:
I want to echo what's already been said...CE is not "spyware" in the sense people have something to worry about. As stated before, you can't "happen" upon it. There's intentionality at play here...and for crying out loud, you can't get it unless you pay for it. It's a service for crying out loud. The "ethics" of it shouldn't even be in dispute.

And to the "Christian" who who thinks this is unethical...then we can assume you think it's ok for people to look at what this would block? Parents "forcing" it on their children? Good night...do you even have children? Look for the log my friend...shouldn't be that hard to find. Scriptural accountability is relational accountability you have to want to have your accountability partners know what's going on but unfortunately, left to our own devices we keep secrets...CE is the catalyst to open you up.
2009-03-19 12:38:35, Guest:
Def spyware program, Def the posters who are claiming otherwise work for covenant-eyes in some capacity. While no one is forcing anyone to install this program on the personal computer they own, it is quite obvious that more often then not it is going to be used by a 3rd party person to either prevent or monitor another persons internet activities. JDM above says that left to our own devices we keep secrets.. yet here on this site are clear instructions on how to circumvent this program.. So now I must ask what is it really worth then, if it is so easily removed =D ... Lets play devils advocate for a second and assume that ordinary people using this software care if it is classified as spyware or spend time browsing the web to stick up for it, if you are here reading this then the means to remove it temporarily are here and you can more easily slip back in to your old ways am i right ?
2009-08-01 02:56:50, Guest:
Does Covenant Eyes block sites, or just notify the chosen accountability person of sites that have been viewed?
2010-06-02 10:23:01, Guest:
They have both products, Guest on 2009-08-01, a site-blocking internet filter AND an accountability notifier. You pay a separate fee for each product.
2011-03-15 05:12:05, Guest:
This is technically spyware if it it used without your knowledge. I found it installed on my computer, and I never authorized it. I bought my computer new, and it was not installed then. Some time within the last year or so, it must have been put on my computer by someone. It really aggrevates me that someone has my web history. I don't visit pornographic websites or anything, but the fact that this breach of privacy has occurred is infuriating.
2011-04-04 21:11:59, Guest:
So much arguing... here's the gist of it. CE is legitimate, if it's installed by consent. I just had it installed on my computer, *by my permission*. It's not "spyware", because I'm voluntarily sending information to my accountability partner.

As for the people complaining about network compatibility... there are settings in CE to fix that.

Finally, for those of you who found CE installed without permission... that is definitely inappropriate and an abuse of the software. In that case, you could be monitored (if there's an accountability partner listed) without consent, which is wrong. Not to mention the potential inability to view needed material online.

To sum up... CE is legit. It's a voluntary service. And people have no business forcing it on others.
2011-05-03 14:20:30, Guest:
I don't know how Covenant Eyes could be installed on your computer without your knowledge since there is a quick popup screen when your computer starts up that says "This connection is protected by Covenant Eyes", an icon in the bar down by the clock and it is shown in the All Programs list.
2011-06-05 22:06:24, Guest:
There's been a lot of crap spouted about CE above. When voluntarily installed, it's useful and IS about taking personal responsibility, that's the whole point. As for thinking anyone here defending it "works for CE is some capacity"- rofl someone has been watching too many movies.

Installing CE forcibly/stealthily on someone else is completely wrong and won't work anyway. It's trying to do the whole accountability thing backwards & without trust which is raving nonsense.
2011-10-22 13:26:53, Guest:
Covenant eyes cannot be used by another person to constantly monitor a persons pc. Your browser information is sent to the CE servers where it is reviewed there and then if necessary sent to the accountability partner. There is not file monitoring or keylogging. Its all browser monitoring.
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