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Spyware Incredimail.com Information
Name: Incredimail.com
Category: Cookie
Date: 2003-04-17
Dangerous: Yes
Incredimail.com installs a tracking cookie in your browser. While the cookies keep information about your browsing habits they are not considered very dangerous. The problem with Incredimail is that when you install their client it could come bundled with adware, which is very hard to remove manually. If you have Incredimail client installed on your and are unable to get rid of it try downloading anti-spyware software and perform a full system scan.
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Visitor Comments on Incredimail.com
2006-12-10 09:00:06, Guest:
beware of incredimail
2007-05-11 00:28:06, Guest:
If I want to get rid of this progsmHow do I do that ? Just put it into spam or what
regards from Sweden
2007-05-20 12:17:05, Guest:
dont know where it came from dont want it on my computer
2007-05-26 16:20:36, Guest:
PLEASE help me remove incredimail from my computer!!!
2007-05-26 18:53:21, Guest:
I tried to delete incredimail, because it does not allow me to view my MSN Internet Explorer and I hate this google thing. Your software keeps interupting my other software.
2007-05-30 10:02:33, Guest:
2007-05-30 10:08:34, Guest:
2007-06-06 07:23:20, Guest:
How do I stop this mob from plaguing me - have removed as much as I can find on my hard disk - but the "B" of a program offers to Complete the Installation appears every time I open up. Avoid it! It's like a bloody disease!
2007-06-15 06:06:13, Guest:
I tried the free IncrediMail and then decided I didn't care for it and tried to remove it. Found out it was almost impossiable, but after about 6 hours of trying, I finally hit on something that worked for me. I don't know if you have to already have Internet Explorer 7 on your computer, because that is how I was able to get rid of it. After reading and researching VOLUMES of material, I came across the following. Type this into the search bar "How to use Reset Internet Explorer Settings" - and it will bring up a Microsoft Support article that you can copy if you have a printer and then if you have Internet Explorer 7, then it will tell you how to close it out and re-open it and that was how I FINALLY got rid of IncrediMail. It really torques my jaw that I can't even delete something on my own computer that I no longer want. If IncrediMail keeps this up, they are going to start losing customers instead of gaining them!!!
2007-06-23 15:10:39, Guest:
I lost everything by my harddriver due by incredimail. It was damaged forever. I ordered my new harddriver. BETTER WATCH OUT ABOUT INCREDIMAIL AND EVEN STAY AWAY FROM IT.
2007-06-25 17:31:21, Guest:
I have messing around for hours trying to get rid of Incredimail. It seems like it is imposssible. I will keep on trying. If you are reading this chances are you are going through the same thing. Help me get out of this.
2007-06-27 15:30:50, GuestNovice:
I have found a very simple way to rid your computer of " incredimale ". Use your "Restore" option, It is painless !!
2007-06-29 20:05:03, Guest:
Incredimail is the worst. I screwed up my computer big time. How do I delete it as my home page? I don't know how it got there in the first place!
2007-07-03 14:18:30, Guest:
I sure would like to know how to remove this file
2007-07-15 19:52:45, Guest:
It is good to know that I am not the only person annoyed by this incredimail plague. Please help me get rid of it!
2007-07-23 13:17:23, Guest:
I want this off my screen, it interfers with my Home Page...and I need to work....thank you
2007-08-02 07:30:55, Guest:
It interfers with my MSN email contacts constantly.....
2007-08-10 18:22:55, Guest:
I find Incredimail OK to use but need to deleted various 'images' from browsing history site each time I use Internet Explorer 7. Once this is done, no further problem. However, it pays to use a spyware remover on a daily basis to ensure PC security in additional to an anti-virus facility.
2007-09-16 07:28:11, i want all things incredimail off the spyware wont let me run it ti remove it what to do:
i have tried everything to get rid of the incredimail mess. this spyware removal thing wont let me run it it say my email address in invalid its the only one i have and i use it all the time what now
2007-09-28 07:48:23, Guest:
I am going to try what one guest suggested;go to 'reset internet explorer settings'...hopefully this will allow me to feel like my computer is my computer.I am wondering why though it came up in the first place? I used to be able to go straight to my e-mail but now when I open from desktop, Incredimail is there...
2007-09-30 08:39:34, Guest:
I want this incredimail off. It has messed up my computer. You cannot do anything with this on. I want it off and stay off.
2007-10-01 17:17:43, Guest:
I want to remove IncrediMail from my Computer, can you Help me?
2007-10-08 21:51:52, Guest:
please someone help! i want to remove this programe from my PC. A simple way PLEASE HELP
2007-10-14 07:47:56, Guest:
Incredimail behaves like a virus and is on my system but not showing up in the add/remove programmes list. If anyone gets an email from someone with this nasty piece of software on it, please TELL them that they should ditch it, no matter how cute it is, as it causes a lot of problems for a lot of computers, and really should not be trusted.
2007-11-22 14:28:06, Guest:
Please remove incredible mail from my computer immediately or I shall contact the federal government asap.
2007-12-09 15:59:27, Guest:
I can't remove Incredimail start page from my computer . now i can't even get my e-mail. I want it off help help help
2007-12-22 18:54:01, Guest:
Please remove Incredimail from my computer
2008-01-08 17:47:31, Guest:
Wow, thanks for the heads up, I was about to install that plague on my computer...
2008-01-10 08:57:06, Guest:
I no longer have this on my computer, but I am still being charged through automatic withdrawl from my bank account. How do I go about getting rid of this charge?
2008-01-10 09:07:17, Guest:
It won't load..thank god,but I've lost my MSN home
page and now have Google and this stupid incredimail in my face all the time now.It should be as easy as cancell,like it say's(WRONG)I want
it out of my life forever

2008-05-05 22:19:05, Guest:
I am having the worst trouble deleting Incredimal no matter how i try im unble to delete... please help someone
2008-06-24 03:41:53, Guest:
I can't seem to find a way to uninstall IncrediMail? Please help me find a way to stop this program.
2008-08-10 04:04:24, Ruffian (Guest):
You can take it off your homepage. IE users do this: Go to "Control Panel" Then "Internet Options" In the space where it has the Incredimail URL(address) choose another URL or the blank option. Then save the new info by clicking "Apply". You may have to reboot to see the changes maybe not depending on your set-up.

2008-08-14 12:29:48, Guest:
This incredimail thing should be banned. Not all of us are IT experts trying to rid ourselves of this menace. I've uninstalled it numerous times through conventional ways and the bloody thing pops back after a couple of days. Some computer programmers have behaved badly albeit fiendishly.
2008-08-24 05:18:00, Guest:
I too have fallen victim to incredimail...how do you get rid of it????
2008-08-24 13:02:28, Guest:
Why would you want to program and make a viruse and put the damn thing on the enternet, then when the people find out how much damage it causes you want to charge them to take it off there computer.If I was you I wouldn,t let condoleesia free find out.
2008-08-25 13:53:43, Guest:
i really don't know how to delet this incredimail,i tried and tried but nothing is gonna work even i can't use it i just put sing up and now i can't delete it plzzzzzzzzz some one help me.
2008-08-25 13:56:56, help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:
its me again plz some one help me
iam confussened of this thing
iam tried of it
2008-08-27 09:21:55, Guest:
i would like to remove incredimail completly from my computer please help my email address is 7777cindy@frontiernet.net please respond and remove it thank you
2008-09-02 07:50:12, Guest:
Email Incredimail at alissa@incredimail.com & ask how to remove. If unhappy with the response, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau: BBB.org Following is the 411 I gleaned from the BBB's website on 9/2/08:

Business Contact Information

211 East 43rd St., Suite #2300
New York , NY 10017

Original Business Start Date:

Yaron Adler, CEO
Phone Number:
(212) 682-1995
Fax Number:
(646) 304-1505
Email Address:
Type of Business:
Internet Services
This is NOT a BBB Accredited business

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.

Customer Experience
Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau because it failed to respond to one or more complaints.
2008-09-02 09:52:07, Guest:
I to uninstall incredimail xe, only to have my computer HiJack by several worm32 viruses.
some of the things I had to do- 1:download spyware
Dr. and run in safemode and remove virus.
Also installed virus software from my internet service provider.
2008-09-02 09:56:15, webbghost1:
2008-09-02 18:39:10, Guest:
i uninstalled it but it still remained and now i can't send emails
2008-09-04 16:21:22, Guest:
please remove incredimail.com
2008-09-07 16:53:15, Guest:
I have been trying to completely remove it from my system and have been unable to. It messed up my homepage and now I cant change it. I will check to see if I can take them to court if it is not removed entirely.this thing sucks.
2008-09-08 13:45:56, Guest:
I cannot remove incredimail and now cannot get my MSN
2008-09-08 15:54:10, Guest:
Why not file a class action suit against them:

2008-09-10 21:11:04, Guest:
Correction to above: you can also pay with a credit card, you are not required to use Pay Pal. Sorry!
2008-09-13 17:21:07, Guest:
Australia: I too am being driven crazy by this disaster maker. I will try some of the solutions on offer, and if they work, please accept my eternal gratitude.
2008-09-16 01:29:37, Guest:
Please help me get ride of this incredimail. I don't need it please help
2008-09-16 06:14:42, Guest:
2008-09-22 16:50:14, Guest:
I want all IncrediMail removed completely from this computer
2008-09-24 04:23:24, Guest:
I was enjoying using the free inserts for my email. That doesn't exist anymore; instead, Incredimail has become my homepage - NOT MY WISH!!
How do I GET IT OFF? I've already tried ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. Didn't even work. HELP!!!

2008-09-26 07:33:58, Guest:
This is by far the worst cookie spyware I have come accross, next to impossible to completely remove. They should be in jail, oh and I want to thank my wife for opening this mess!!!!!
2008-09-29 17:29:18, Guest:
2008 9-26-08 I have followed all of the guides provided & none of them have worked to DELETE but I have lost all of my e-mails for the day. There must be some way to monitor these scams!!! I too will lodge a complaint if I can't get this resolved.....Is a TERRIBLE waste of time!!!!
2008-09-29 23:38:06, Guest:
I too thought this was wonderful Right now I could use a few of those emotions. I hate it beause I can't use it. Always come up operation incomplete.What good is the Wizard???HELP
2008-10-05 19:13:00, Guest:
My PC is on the verge of crashing due to incredimail. It was fine until incredimail advised I needed an update and now it will not complete the install. I need to assure where email addresses are stored before I have to reformat windows. Is there any help to find my addresses?
2008-10-08 16:18:56, Guest:
I'm not a "guest". I am a very upset online user. Has anyone had any success in removing the Incredimail program?

2008-10-08 19:39:21, Guest:
To: person posting 10/08/08 at 18:56: evidently you have to be pretty knowledgeable where computers are concerned. I have read that you need to reset your computer to its restore point, but you better know what you're doing.
2008-10-09 13:17:34, Guest:
I deleted Incredimail from my computer. Today they
have charged me $25.95 yearly fee on my bank statement. I have not used Incredimail in over a year now. Who do I write or email to get me off this darm thing???
2008-10-12 18:40:04, Guest:
Oh Lord- my husband is ready to choke me over this thing. First I tried going to the control panel and removing Incredimail but, it's not listed. Then I went to Internet Options but, I couldn't change the E-mail address because our's wasn't listed. I guess the next thing I will try is contacting the person someone listed as a contact person with Incredimail. If that works I'll come back and let you all know.
2008-11-20 12:15:49, Guest:
There must be somewhere we can turn Incredi Mail in. It is not fair that they get on there and you can't get them off. They interrupt my work.
2008-10-21 07:12:16, No answer from BBB yet:
I complained to the BBB a month ago, still haven't heard back. Incredimail has a history of unanswered complaints w/the BBB. They can do anything they please w/o fear of monetary punishment. It really must pay them to have their spyware on victims' computers.
2008-10-23 03:26:22, Guest:
this incredimail is a disaster. i cant delete it and now cant even read mails yet its a corporate email and my boss wants to see the new mail. what to do?
2008-10-28 15:31:51, Guest:
If there are no problems, then why does the BBB give them an unsatisfactory rating? I have contacted Incredimail 3 times w/no response & finally contacted the BBB & have been awaiting a response for 5 weeks. I doubt Incredimail will reply to the BBB. :(
2008-10-29 11:40:38, Guest:
How do i remove mystart.incredimail from my computer?
2008-10-30 12:45:03, Guest:
Get Incredimail off of my PC Do not want it on my PC in any manner and remove all of your cookies
2008-10-30 16:00:49, Guest:
2008-10-30-Also spent hours trying to get rid of IncrediMail: very frustrating and first instruction from Incredimail ( go to start,then programs, and click on Uninstall- no such thing there.) But we did go into the Control Panel to Add or remove programs, clicked on programs and Incredimail was there and we were able to delete it. Hallelujah!!
2008-11-14 16:37:48, Guest:
I downloaded incredimail to give it a try and didn't care for it. When I uninstalled it every time I log on to the internet it keeps going to the incredimail instead of the MSN I had. I want to go back to the MSN but can't get rid of INCREDIMAIL!!! Don't try it out.
2008-11-29 05:23:37, Guest:
i am also having problems, i want to remove this item, but it wont let me, eventhough its not in my cookie jar, as well as all programs section. it keeps popping up, it has become a nuisense value. If they are so great why can't we get rid of it in a normal fashion??
2008-12-20 19:12:47, Guest:
I have tried to remove incredimail, it hides and keep comming back. Somebody help me!
2008-12-27 15:12:39, Guest:
how do i get rid of incredible mail? i don't like it and don't even know how i got it.
please help....bonnie
2008-12-29 02:01:25, Guest:
I want to uninstall incredimail from my computer but I don't know how with out a icon.

Please tell me at jefr@sbcglobal.net
2008-12-29 06:36:46, Guest Harkripal Singh:
Please remove Incredimail

2009-01-05 18:10:23, Guest Rayman:
Anyone find anything on how to remove this yet. Ive tried multiple virus/spyware scanners. No luck as of yet. Please contact hattrick2000@yahoo.com Thank you
2009-01-07 08:45:26, Guest:
How can I uninstall incredible mail

2009-01-08 11:37:48, Guest:
With remove this email acct from my computor thank you
2009-01-10 10:20:07, Guest:
please remove incredimail now.
2009-01-11 21:04:54, Guest:
I agree with all the above comments. This is ridiculus. I'll have to call my computer guy and hope he can get rid of incrediMail
2009-01-15 07:23:15, Guest:
Did anyone get this mess of their computer ?
2009-01-17 07:29:13, Guest 2009-01-16 17:38:26:
Also spent hours trying to get rid of IncrediMail: very frustrating and first instruction from Incredimail ( go to start,then programs, and click on Uninstall- no such thing there.) But we did go into the Control Panel to Add or remove programs, clicked on programs and Incredimail was there and we were able to delete it. Hallelujah!! I got it at elven without anyones help thanks Guest 2008-10-30 16:00:49 !!!!!!!!!
2009-01-17 09:23:55, Guest:
well incredimail is good but sometimes if u dont put the right server its gonna not send a message and it wont recieve a message and sometimes u will lose internet
2009-01-19 13:23:35, Guest:
I dont know how I got incedimail on my computer, I hate it, I just want my normal screen back, please help
2009-01-19 16:30:19, Guest:
Contacted Incredimail directly beginning 3-1/2 months ago for a total of 3 times. No reply. BBB complaint filed, & this was their reply to me:
Please be advised that this firmís failure to respond to your complaint will be reflected in its BBB record. Accordingly, we will report that this firm has an unanswered complaint to consumers, businesses, banks, government officials, and members of the press who inquire about them. In addition, firms failing to answer even one such complaint will generally receive an unsatisfactory rating, the Bureauís lowest mark.

2009-01-19 17:16:57, Guest:
And I thought I was the problem, not knowing enough about computers. I never expected such a nightmare from a program that was never requested and sadly enough its being related to my beloved google. If I FIND A WAY TO GET OFF,I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I will write to BBB.
2009-01-20 02:27:14, Guest:
I thought that I was downloading just the proffered animated characters. What I got was a total takeover of my computer! It was/is everywhere. I uninstalled it to no good. I keep finding it in unexpected places. I keep hunting. I don't see any difference between Incredimails and a virus. You are no longer in charge of your computer.
2009-02-09 07:47:06, Guest:
I like incredimail but not om my home page
2009-02-10 00:08:29, Guest:
I just read this entire page becuase mystart search engine keeps taking over from google on my tool bar and it drives me mad! I have had incredimail for about 4 years now and love the email program, just not how it removes my google search bar! i just clicked on the drop arrow next to the orang M and it dropped down to all my search engines, i clicked on google and it came back. Duh - i feel dumb! Kind of a pain to have it changed without me wanting it changed, but it wa really quite a simple fix. And to change your home page, just click on Tools (at the top of your browser) then options, then main then type in whatever you want your homepage to be....
Cheers and good luck! xx
2009-02-11 11:18:28, Guest:
please tell me how to rid my computer of incredimail once and for all.
2009-02-12 15:39:14, Guest:
I have also fallen foul of incredimail. I just wanted the butterflies for my emails and what I got was a nightmare. Please help me wake up!!!!
2009-02-16 16:55:18, Guest:
I have tried for months to get this horrible program off my computer. I have tried all the suggestions for months and nothing works, it just pops up again a day or two later. Removing the Google tool bar did nothing to help my computer. Someone please help.
2009-03-22 15:24:34, Guest:
OK If you wish to remove the IncremedialMail program. Shut down the computer & re-start in "SAFE" mode.
This is done by depressing the F8 key while re[starting) the computer. Either tapping the F8 or depressing.
Then go to your hard drive & send the program to the recycle bin, if you wish to get rid of it delete the recycle bin.
I use windows XP & it worked for me!
2009-03-24 11:07:21, Guest:
I just got rid of incredimail. I called my server. I clicked on tools then to internet options. You will see incredimails address in to create a home page. Delect incredimail, type in the home page to want the click apply, them OK. restart your internet and the beast is gone. Yes!!
2009-05-07 11:50:57, Guest:
I removed incredimail by deleting it from the registry. I scrolled to "Software" on each of the HKEY Current Users, Local Machine and Users and deleted the Incredimail folders. No more problems. Just be sure to back up the registry before deleting anything but BE Careful..... a WRONG MOVE WILL TRASH YOUR MACHINE
2009-05-12 19:58:45, Guest:
i want to get the my start page off my computer .how do i do it????
2009-05-31 18:06:39, Guest:
How do I get the My Start Page by Incredil Mail
off of my computer as it is slowing things down.?
2009-06-26 05:15:49, Guest:
Hurray I got rid of Incredimail,Thanks to--see GUEST NOTES DATED 2007-06:06:13,8th listing down.
Method 1 -Reset Internet Explore Settings from Internet Explorer 7 (1)-tools,options,(2)advance tab,click Reset. (3)In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset(4)When Internet Explor7 finishes restoring the default settings, click Close, click OK-2 times (5)close internet explorer,-Restart- Changes take place the next time Internet Explorer opens.
2009-08-02 01:58:37, Guest:
Fortunately I did a little research before running the incredimail install program. This led me to this site, which is now bookmarked, and incredimail is deleted.
2009-08-27 12:45:16, Guest:
I found the start page items in this folder and deleted them. I like incredimail but I don't like this start page crap they installed. the old version of IM was cool and the new one has cool features but suddenly it won't run right. It changes my start page and when I go to my face book home page it redirects to the start page. I found the start page files here and deleted them. i hope I didn't mess things up.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\IM\Identities\{B9946B63-5BA5-4311-9D20-F03FC77033BC}\IMSys\{B0D6E60D-68A5-41D0-8CA8-6046A5374126}\2
2009-10-14 03:26:55, Guest:
there's something just pop-ups when i do long to press the control and make some right clicks.. it's interrupting my shooting game... i can't zoom at my scopes... its pops babylon varsion that i don't know what it is.... please help me

2009-10-18 10:11:30, Guest:
i cant get incredimail to get off of my computer its annoying!i dont like it it interrupts my researching and work!
2009-11-20 21:16:25, Guest:
I did mot install IncrediMail! It just showed up yesterday. How can I get rid of it?
2009-11-22 10:28:27, Guest:
This program is a nightmare. I just got my computer in Sept. and was doing so well.Does anyone know how to get rid of this without doing any damage? Please help.
2009-12-30 10:02:40, Guest:
Wow, I have just read of the nightmare IncrediMail is causing everybody and agree that they are corrupting your system by taking over w/o permission. It's like breaking and entering, which is a punishable crime in society.

I am sorry for all your woes. I have lost respect for this program, I have had for 9 years and with no problems at all. Now, I am scared..lol. Thanks for all your posts. I will know where to come, should I have a problem and they try to takeover my home page, which is not MSN. It almost seems as if they are targeting that page?
2010-01-03 02:15:52, Guest:
i used to use incredimail but when i switched my isp all of a sudden it went hay wire i upgraded to new version and found it took over my homepage so i simply uninstalled it without any problem surprised to see so many people cant get rid of it ihave installed and uninstalled it a few tmes now
2010-01-07 13:20:30, Guest:
I also uninstalled incredimail but it still appears as my home page when i turn on my computor !!! The only thing that was deleted was the icon ! I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM !! How do one completly cancel them off computor ???
2010-01-09 12:16:47, Guest:
I will say this,incredible mail may be a huge pain in the butt. But, when you install the software you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Since no one reads those incredible mail can legally get away with a lot of things you don't like. The BBB can't do much when the reason users are so upset is because they didn't read the term and conditions.

Each End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal contract between you and the makers of the software. If you wouldn't sign a contract without reading it, then don't click (or check) "I agree" without reading the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, if you EVER see software for smiley faces, or screen savers or background pictures..etc...DON'T DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION! They are (generally) ALL spyware. And if for some reason you DO decide you absolutely MUST have this software PLEASE read the CONTRACT that you are agreeing to BEFORE you install it. This will save you a LOT of trouble in the future!
2010-01-27 04:23:28, Guest:
Incredimail is very annoying.HELP ME REMOVE IT PLS!!!
2010-01-29 23:23:07, Guest:
How do I delete incredible mail never asked for it, someone sent me a card with incredimail on it
2010-02-13 11:19:09, Guest:
Well, I am the latest victim. A friend sent me an e-mail, and when I went to open it, some sort of a comic bubble came up, and gratuitously downloaded it.My whole computer got screwed up. I have tried everything I know, including sending a request to MyStart Incredimail, and no response.
I will try the earlier suggestion. This product should be banned from existence.
2010-02-21 14:19:19, Guest:
Thanks for the info about incredimail! Was thinking about installing it, NO WAY NOW. That's the trick I guess cause it looks cute and alot of fun. Glad I went to this site & read all the comments. You saved my computer.
2010-04-17 06:11:15, Guest:
I am quite happy with Incredimail, but if you want to uninstall any trace of it, best go to START -> execute (bottom word), write 'regedit' into the opening line, under edit there's a drop-down where you can open search. Type Incredimail into the line, then enter. It'll stop at everything Incredimail on your harddisk, just cancel, but make sure you're only cancelling the line where it stops, then go back to 'continue search' again.It may take quite some time to eleminate all entries, but it's the only way to get them all.
2010-04-29 11:06:03, Guest - Moqy:
Scary posts....I have had IncrediMail for close to 10 years with no problems from them.
As for the home page take over, when you update you should be asked if you want them as a home page, if not, click no...if you don't you get it, but then all you do is go to options on your browser and change it.
As for worms, Trojans, etc., by keeping a good protection service on your system, that should keep you safe. I have it set up that my emails, incoming and outgoing, are scanned, again no problems.
I haven't downloaded the newest version, IncrediMail2, and would rather not. I had to deal with that when I set up my Mom's system and it wasn't the greatest....but then she downloaded it without reading it, especially the part where it said it was not recommended for those already using IncrediMail XE, only for those that did not have a prior IncrediMail installed. Finally got it set up and working right, but it was a pain in the butt.
I wouldn't be afraid to recommend IncrediMail to someone, but you need to know how to keep your system safe first, and always read about a program BEFORE downloading it, and make sure you know where the download is coming from. If another site offers IncrediMail, you never know what they might have tacked on to the download.
Just use common sense people.
2010-05-05 11:36:58, Guest:
how can I uninstall incredimail
2010-06-16 01:05:24, Guest:
2010-06-27 02:20:08, Guest:
Remove me from your system. I am NOT happy with it. It has messed up my Yahoo.com programs which I need.
2010-07-02 18:54:33, Guest:
I used some of the other guests' suggestions...was having trouble, as well, and am very new to the computer, in general. went to Control Panel. Then Internet Options. Typed in the URL for Mozilla. Clicked Use Current. Then down to the Search area,Change Search Defaults, clicked on Settings... clicked on and removed MyStart..clicked close. It brought me back to Internet Properties/General. Clicked Apply/OK...hope this will help someone else....
2010-08-08 04:00:59, Guest:
i dont even remember installin it :S
2010-08-20 20:53:34, Guest:
I have Babylon on my computer and I can't use the internet. Everytime I try to go to my email or to a web site my computer freezes and I have to stop. I can't get in at all.I NEED HELP DESPERATELY. MY COMPUTER IS RUINED BECAUSE OF THIS WEBSITE THAT I didn't even go on. My husband and I are both out f work right now so we don't have much money so if there is anything that can be done we would be very greatful. Thank you. Sincerely, Lynn Sacks
2010-11-01 00:43:12, Guest:
I have requested removal of Incredimail from my computer & to no avail. What are we supposed to do. WE NEED SIMPLE ANSWERS!!
2010-11-06 03:37:18, Guest:
I wish I had never downloaded 'Incredimail! I lost my TalkTalk homepage and found it difficult to access E-mails. Even though I managed to uninstall Incredimail, it still appears on the bar at the top of the Internet Explorer page until I turn it off, why? Can any one explain?
2010-11-07 14:33:20, desperate:
I really like incredimail but now all the freebie offers. Screen savers are every where in my photo gallery. Tons of them.I lost my little notifier that let's me know I have mail.It useses up way to much space.I now have windows live photo gallery,where I had just plain windows photo gallery,which I like best. Can you help me? and for how much first. Help!!!!
2010-12-11 16:35:40, Guest:
Have contacted these interrupting idiots running this IncrediMail, it came (as I thought) as an attachment to an email,now it plagues us.
2010-12-12 09:39:11, Guest:
I have tried desperately to remove IncediMail,
system restore,add or remove, help & support center, search files & folders, deleted all cookies and still can't get it off my computer.
I like my computer configuration as it was not as it is now. Any help/suggestions, please!!!!!!
2011-01-23 11:26:13, QUEST 18:
at first incredimail ruined my time on the computer! i tried everything to take it off but nothing worked. I never knew how to get rid of it. I didnt even know how it started but its BAD for your computer so if you have incredimail and are having trouble with it, go to the top where it says>> Delete Incredimail.com automatically - Download SpyHunter

and follow it until it deletes incredimail from your computer.
2011-01-24 09:44:08, Guest:
Please remove incredimail. I was charged for an automatic renewal, after I followed the procedure to cancel it. I want the charge taken off my credit card!!! This is a SCAM, when you can't even get rid of it.
2011-03-09 19:55:13, Guest:
I also have My start by Incredimail on my home page.I don't know how it got there but I have
tried everything to get this junk off.
Please help ! I have spyware and still can't get it off. Please folks don't get Incredimail its for a lifetime, want it or not.
2011-03-12 12:53:08, Guest:
For the person stating that people should be reading each and every "Terms of Service" before they install any software, that maybe true, but I thought the purpose of computers was to save time and speed up productivity LOL. Seriously if one was to read EVERY Terms of Service carefully for each programme originally installed, and then carefully a 2nd,3rd, 4th etc etc , for each and EVERY software upgrade, it could add many dozens of extra hours just reading the darn things. The software designers realize this fact and use it to slip in their scum ware. They know they are one of hundreds of programs and updates installed on an average computer, and thus know it is impractical for most people to read their legalese.
2011-03-12 12:59:06, Guest:
"As for the home page take over, when you update you should be asked if you want them as a home page, if not, click no...if you don't you get it, but then all you do is go to options on your browser and change it"

Sorry that is not true, I am constantly changing my home page back to what it should be, and Incredimail keeps changing it back to My Start.
Internet Explorer 9 is the only browser to provide protection from this trash, by warning you that a rogue program is trying to change your home page settings. A once good program has become far too intrusive, but then again maybe they are owned by the people who produce the TMZ show
2011-03-16 01:00:23, Baz:
For Windows vista...Click on start menu, click on "control pad", under programmes, click "uninstall a programme", from your list, click on incredimail programme then move to the top and remove programme. Good luck.
2011-03-25 06:41:46, Guest:
Ok if you have windows 7 then go into the control panel, click on programs and features then find incredimail, double click and uninstall!
2011-03-29 16:09:51, Guest:
I have gone to the Control Panel and went through the Uninstall process 3 times and it just will not go away. Everytime I turn my computer on this crap comes right back.
2011-03-30 15:13:22, Guest:
Gee, I thought I was just downloading smiley faces, it has taken over my MSN browser and I have deleted it but the BROWSER incredimail will not go away.....
2011-03-31 06:59:30, Guest:
I got rid of Incredimail by doing a "system restore" before this dumb thing was downloaded on my computer! Computer is working great now - with NO residual garbage remaining! It took over my computer and gave me a Trojan virus. Everytime I started the computer it kept wanting to do a virus scan and it told me I had 30+ viruses. Those viruses stopped my internet explorer icon from working and stopped my "restore" feature from working, too. Luckily I was able to get into the internet through a back door loophole and do the system restore and like I said all is ok now.
2011-04-17 14:26:18, Guest:
Incredimail was tying up and slowing my computer way down, I blamed it on connection issues and swore at the computer but finally realized that incredimail was to blame. I deleted it in the usual way by going to add/remove programs and had no troubles other than them sending popups asking me to stay, asking me to take a survey and telling me they were sorry to see me go. My computer works like new now and I'll tell you that incredimail is a WORM! Help get the word out!
2011-04-24 22:58:20, Guest:
I have window 7 , it is not in the programs I have removed it yet it is like nothing ever happen the darn thing is still here.
2011-05-13 15:31:46, Guest:
I have used Incredimail for years and when I've had trouble I just go to Control Panel to the Add and remove programs and click Uninstall. No problem. In fact I uninstalled it today because it isn't compatable with Windows 7
It uninstalls the same as any other program. Try it!!!!
2011-06-08 22:56:43, Guest:
All of a sudden I have Incredimail and do not want it as my home page. I really am upset when a company decides for me what my computer should have! Get me out of Incredimail!!!!!
2011-06-15 08:04:26, Guest:
how do i remove incredimail toolbar from my computer?
2011-06-26 11:38:18, Guest:
For those who said they did this and that to remove Incredimail, they were lucky, more knowledgeable or have Windows 7, which uninstalls some things that the other versions don't. When someone writes in and says there is a problem, trust them..! I get a notice each time I open my computer asking me to install the latest version of Incredimail, and when I dont, I can't get rid of the notice and have to restart the computer to remove it. I SOMETIMES can get my emails without the notice but not often. And yes, my homepage gets changed according to Incredimail, not me; I do go in and change it back, but why do I have to have someone raping my computer? These are my problems, and I resent anyone saying that these aren't problems. Each of us are reporting different things, so no easy answers other than THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED, even if we do/do not read the small print.
2011-07-24 12:40:23, Guest:
how can i remove my incredimail?
2011-08-18 06:41:14, Guest:
I have uninstalled incredimail 3 times from my computer and it still keeps coming back. I don't ever remember installing it in the first place or know where it came from!
2011-11-22 11:57:24, Guest:
My wife got it on her laptop without installing or agreeing to anything. My guess was an email. Be careful of this spyware or whatever it is. I will be removing it tonight when I get home from work.
2011-11-23 21:26:15, Guest:
2011-11-23 I have tried everything that I know and I cannot get Incredimail off my computer. It has removed my home page in Explorer and I am unable to access my email. please help!!!!!
2011-12-11 11:58:59, Guest:
I do not want incredimal and cannot get MSN sports without the incredimail ad.
2015-10-06 14:14:59, musiclady:
I have downloaded IM but now I can't install it. I've tried repeatedly. I am getting several error messages, here's one: error 1904.Module C:/Program..etc... failed to register HRESULT - 2147220473. Contact your support personnel. And this: app failed to initialize properly (0xc0000034). Click on OK to terminate the application. Can someone please HELP?! I can't get an answer on the forum or online help.
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