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Spyware QuestionMarket.com Information
Name: QuestionMarket.com
Category: Cookie
Date: 2003-01-01
Dangerous: Yes
QuestionMarket.com is Cookie - spyware.
You should remove it from your system as soon as possible.
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Visitor Comments on QuestionMarket.com
2007-07-20 04:23:01, Guestpaulmankane@aol.com:
please cancel immediatly all popups and advertising. uour ads are blocking my mail
2007-12-08 09:26:16, Guest:
Questionmarket.com is not spyware or Adware. Itís a market research company the website you visited contracted with to evaluate the ads running on that site. The popups are survey invitations. Advertising pays the costs for 99% of web. Advertisers use surveys to see if their ads work.
2008-04-10 06:54:07, Guest:
BEWARE - The QuestionMarket and most of the survey popups that move across your screen are in fact SPYWARE. A few weeks ago I clicked on one of these and the next thing I knew I had bells and whistles going off with my spyware. Further investigation revealed two new programs added to my computer without my knowlege or consent. BEWARE OF THE FLY BY SURVEYS.
2008-09-21 13:21:37, Guest:
This popped up today 21st Sept 2008 when I opened Windows live messenger. I had nothing else running on my p.c. (not even my browser was open)
2009-01-17 19:13:23, Guest:
how can i transfer pictures onto a portable usb hard drive
2011-03-29 20:28:31, Guest:
Adware gives unwarented popups, even if you don't have a browser opened. That's where the "Ad" part comes into place in its definition. Spyware is a trojan/keylogger: it steals information entered on your computer and keeps track of activities, hence the "Spy" part.

Adware can open sites that give even more viruses. If the adware on your computer opens a harmful site, it could very well give spyware, more adware, or even a virus that can destroy your computer, and require a reinstallation of your operating system.

Spyware can easily give the owner of the program access to your credit card numbers, ID, etc.
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